September Comes Too Soon

by Seany Sharko

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    never ever better!
    Nobody's Fault
    Tropic of Cancer
    We'll Always Have Stony Creek
    Don't Look Back
    Dirty Drugs

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on Pretty Cool! Records


released March 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Seany Sharko Ottawa, Ontario

Raised on a cattle farm in Athens Ontario, the folk-punk artist Seany Sharko cleaves through ballads of love, life and the disappointments that inevitably occur. Currently residing in Ottawa, this self-proclaimed cowboy rotates vocally between soft spoken words and the rough-hewn timbre that make his music resonate. ... more

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Track Name: never ever better!
Give me a hug and then send me off to bed
as if it would do any good!
There's something funny here, but I can't laugh
and I'm not sure I ever could
And it's not fair because I've always been such a good boy
I said my prayers each and every night
It's not right!

Every one is telling me to open my eyes
They say, "hey Sean, you must be blind!"
Well maybe it's true, yeah, I guess that I am
Because most days I just want to die
And I don't know why, because I've got such a good thing going
Yeah, everyone's been so nice,
It's not right!

Somebody talks to me; I think she wants to be my friend
She whispers, "it'll get better..." She just can't tell me when

And she says, "look at me, don't look at her, you men are all the same!
"You're a piece of shit! you're a dirty liar! and that ain't ever gonna change!
"I don't know why I wasted so much god damn time on a boy who won't put up a fight,
"it's not right!"
Track Name: Nobody's Fault
Look around your room
See that something's missing
There's no one there to help you through
It shouldn't be so hard
It happens all the time, and for reasons you well knew

I'm not saying it's your fault
It's nobody's fault
It's just how it will be from now on
So hold your head up high
Take a breath of air
And accept those days are gone

I was just like you
I was so confused
I didn't know what I should do
My father told me once
"Son, I think you're stuck
"But we've all felt like that a time or two"

I'm not saying it's your fault
It's nobody's fault
It's just how it will be from now on
So hold your head up high
Take a breath of air
And accept those days are gone

A crowd has gathered round
They want to know what's wrong
They want to know where you went last night
You didn't go to work
You're not answering your phone
Please, just let us know you're alright

I'm not saying it's your fault
It's nobody's fault
These things happen to us all
But you should have let us know
Because now it's too damn late
Why the hell couldn't you have called?
Track Name: Tropic of Cancer
Broken hearted dreams destroy
To all the workers we've employed
Who gave a kiss to sooth a tired soul
Lay me down and take my body whole
I gave this word a simple song
To make it last, but not too long
Give me one more breath in all its wonder
Open up my chest to loot and plunder

Tropic dreams of warmth's delight
Shoot the day to save the night
My heart beats fast for you to take it slow
Close your eyes now once before I go
Open door and follow through
The same old trick with someone new
Tomorrow we awake and all is well
Save your regret I'll never tell
Track Name: Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
You said to me once, "what do you want from me?
"You treat me so nice, and now you treat me so mean
"look into my face and say it's not a lie!
"But what's the point, you won't apologize

"But you don't owe me that, anymore."

Some days you feel old, but your body feels young
You're still in Montreal, but now you're twenty-one
You're getting high and it feels alright
Now you're coming down, and you're coming all night

But you don't owe me that, anymore.

I tried on your shoe but my foot's too wide
Was it all a joke, a pact suicide?
In your bed with our books, coffee, and the warmth of sex
Now a bottle of vodka and a drunken text

I tried on your shoe but my foots too wide
Was it all a joke, a pact suicide?
In your bed with our books, coffee, and the warmth of sex
Now a bottle of vodka and a sad song text

But you don't owe me that, anymore.
Track Name: #winning
Well, I'm so lucky to have found myself a loving friend
She hands me 50 bucks, and I swear I'll never ask again
But then she opens up her closet and gives it all to me
While she holds it in her arms, she tells me with her eyes
She see right through my lies

I was lying in her bed when she told me that my life is directionless
Another bright kid who got himself into an awful mess
But don't look at me like that because it's not my fault
If I got into heaven and I left you behind
It's just the way I'm designed

And I wanted everyone to come and join me in the fun
But I guess that it's not going to happen that way right now

Following those white lines will never lead you anywhere
Strangers keep on giving, giving, giving giving, but I never share!
Don't look at me like that, it's not my fault if I got into heaven
and I left you behind,
It's just the way I'm designed.
Track Name: We'll Always Have Stony Creek
Blue eyes haunting me
From a frame that hangs on the wall inside your sisters house
I've never seen a face so calm and pure and beautiful
They said, "you're perfect for her
"And though it might not happen now, I know it will someday
"so don't give up right away"

Standing on the path
That leads by the cemetery and the bridge we dangled our feet over the side of
And talked about before we knew each others voices
And still there are words that we can't share
Though we talked all night
I know we'll get it right

Still I might
Find a pretext for calling you when I've had way too much to drink
I can't think
So I do these foolish things that will hang there in the air
As if the siblings care
They just roll their eyes at us and still we make believe we're to blame
We're the same
We were just born to far away from each other

And I'll remember Montreal
Walking down the street
I'm glad we got to meet
Track Name: Don't Look Back
My heart beat slow this time of year
It makes it hard to leave my bed
The rain taps sad against my window
And I can't seem to fall asleep
I can't believe that summer's really over
I wish you didn't have to leave

Is this the way you always thought that it would be
I close my eyes to all the things I hoped I would never see
Our songs are sung, our games are played, and all our bags are packed
I turn around, but you don't look back

After all the time we spent together
Who'd have guessed it would end like that
Maybe it's too late to save our faces
Hard words hanging on the line
But I'm still waiting for an answer
I hope someday you'll change your mind

I watch you pack up your belongings
Movies, records and your clothes
When I return here tomorrow
Everything we had will be gone

I wish I could have said how much I love you
I was never very good with things like that
I'll probably never get another chance
To look this deep into your eyes
So I just want to say how much I love you
I didn't mean to make you cry
Track Name: Dirty Drugs
I don't know
I don't know
I don't know what's wrong with me
I can't love
Though I thought I had,
That was a long long time ago
But since I met you
I haven't been the same
My heart's as heavy as her ball and chain

It could be you
It could be you
It could be you or your dirty drugs

Now people tell me
You look so good
But you don't look so good tonight
Your clothes are dirty
Your jacket's torn
There's Sailor Jerry bleeding from your pores
And you've been crying
I can tell
Your eyes are as red as the morning star

So we should go
We should go
Find somewhere we can do your dirty drugs

da da da da da da da da da...

Don't tell my woman
She can't know
She wants it to be her and her alone
But God don't want it
To be that way
He told me once in a fevered dream
I thought it was him
At least he played the part
His angels were dressed like the Brockville cops

So is it me?
Is it me?
Is it me who's pushing dirty drugs?
Let's just do it
Let's do it baby
Let's just do our dirty drugs